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Why this period? This 75 year span covers a large portion of the life of John Grider, one of seven African American men who participated in the Bear Flag incident at Sonoma on June 14, 1846 - an event that preceded California statehood.

Have any information or photos on early African Americans in the North Bay counties of Solano, Napa or Sonoma? We would like to share that information with other website visitors.

Please contact us to post your questions, comments or events. We reserve the right to post apporpriate information only.


About The Film

The film clip featured on the North Bay Black Roots web site was created by Clarence Payne of Studio 437 Media Productions of Vallejo. The film features photos of John Grider, California Bear Flag Revolt veteran and Vallejo pioneer; Nancy Geary, Dixon; Julia Canner and granddaughter Mazie Strickland, Napa; James Owens, George W. Posey and Ellsworth Courtney, all of Vallejo. Special thanks to the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum, the Solano County Archives, The Vacaville Museum, the Vacaville Heritage Council; the Dixon Public Library; Dolores Owens Cofer, Catherine Fulcher and the late Madeline Ontis.

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